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How Does Laser Hair Reduction Work?

Body hair growth demands monthly waxing for hair removal which makes your skin dry and newer hair grows thicker and coarse. Laser hair reduction treatment lasts for years and takes care of your skin as it works on hair follicles and thus causes no harm to the surrounding skin. It makes the newer hair growth finer and softer and also does not cause any type of skin inflammation or burning as it is in the case of waxing. Feel free from unwanted hair growth and monthly waxing regime with one simple treatment.

Know Your Doctor

Dr. Bharti Patel

Dr. Bharti Patel is MD – Dermatology, Diploma in Dermatology and Trichology and MBBS. She is a renowned dermatologist in Thane and an expert in hair transplant for men. She is well known for skin and cosmetic treatments for both men and women. Yashi Skin & Hair Clinic has a great deal of experience in skin and hair treatments and delivers high-quality care to all its clients.

Dr. Bharti Patel | Best Dermatologist in Thane West